The first New Look Clinic
was opened in April 1991

Today there are more than
15 New Look Clinics operating
around New Zealand.

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Contact a New Look Clinic today and find out how the New Look Healthy Eating weight loss Programme can help you to lose weight and eat healthy...

This amazingly successful and medically approved weight loss and healthy eating programme uses no gimmicks just real food that you buy yourself from the supermarket.

New Look is the only programme that is simple, safe, healthy, professional and affordable. New Look has now been operating for over 15 years, and the successes achieved by its members has led to 15 clinics now operating around New Zealand.

New Look Clinics offer:

COMMITMENT PLUS - The ULTIMATE Weight Loss Programme

COMMITMENT PLUS has been especially designed for those who are REALLY SERIOUS about permanent weight control. An exciting programme offering a full 26 weeks of interesting and varied menu plans, daily shopping guides, progress graphs, motivational sayings PLUS you will receive all four volumes of the New Look Healthy Eating Recipe Book

COMMITMENT PLUS will ensure that your body will be receiving all the necessary nourishment it needs, whilst you steadily shed those unwanted kilos and will keep you feeling full and satisfied.

COMMITMENT PLUS has the added advantage that the recipes used can feed the entire family, no need to prepare separate meals!

At your weekly meetings you will receive advice, encouragement, motivation and support.

The Easy Payment system that has been specially developed for COMMITMENT PLUS will ensure you remain committed and on track towards achieving YOUR ......

Since 1991, the amazingly successful New Zealand designed New Look Healthy Eating Programme has been helping thousands of members to learn how to get rid of excess weight and maintain their New Look. The programme was developed with real people in mind and after months of research, development and trials, the first New Look Weight Loss Clinic was launched. The success that was achieved on the programme have led to many other New Look Clinics opening in other parts of the country.


Phase 1 Is the introduction to the New Look Healthy Eating programme and is the early stage of the retraining process, this phase is followed for three weeks.

Phase 2 Increases food selections and enables endless varieties of recipes to be introduced, and gradually retrains eating habits on a permanent basis. This phase is followed until your desired weight is achieved.

Phase 3 This phase is introduced to enable levelling off at the desired weight and teaches you how to maintain your weight at that level.

New Look Clinics also offer programmes for:

Expectant Mothers - Nursing Mothers - Men - Adolescents - Lacto-ovo Vegetarians


New Start has been especially designed for re-joining members who are looking for a New Start to their weight loss journey. This programme will offer structured meal plans combining all the daily requirements and works in conjunction with Volume 3 of the New Look Healthy Eating Recipe Book.

Weekly attendance is required for all programmes. The small, friendly, half hour meeting sessions, are where you will be weighed privately, encouraged, motivated and taught how to enjoy a permanent change in your eating habits. All of our programmes now have Easy Payment Options available for 6 or 12 month memberships.

You CAN lose weight and ENJOY IT ...

Offering a Sensible
Approach To Weight Loss