The first New Look Clinic
was opened in April 1991

Today there are more than
15 New Look Clinics operating
around New Zealand.

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Q)  How much weight will I lose each week?
A)  No two people lose weight at the same rate, not even identical twins. As human beings we are all unique. From our records we find dedicated members will lose on AVERAGE between 500 grams and 1 kilo per week. This does not mean 1 kilo EACH week, but rather over a period of say twelve weeks, total weight losses will add up to between 6 and 12 kilos.

Q)  I find there is too much food, can I eat less and lose weight faster?
A)  You may eat less of the fat, Limited Vegetable and Free Selection lists, but it is necessary to eat sufficient Protein, Fruit, Starch and Milk to enable the body to burn off excess fat. Eating less of these, will NOT help you to lose weight any faster. We are working for the correct balance of these foods, hence the importance of having accurate amounts.

Q)  Can I drink tea and coffee?
A)  Yes, but the water takes priority, remember that these beverages contain tannin and caffine which may cause fluid retention and stimulate the appetite, so only drink these in moderation.

Q)  I have found I am rather constipated since starting on the programme?
A)  This does occasionally happen to some members, often it is caused by the sudden change in your eating style, also the amount and type of food you are now consuming is being used up by the body more effectively and therefore there is not so much waste being produced. However it is an unplesant experience and i generally recommend saving up the three fruit selections from one day and have 6 kiwifruit in the late evening. Then have a cup of hot water first thing in the morning, that generally moves the mountains! Also, include sweetcorn in your evening meal, this is a great roughage, but should the problem persist, please consult your Doctor.

Q)  Can I drink diet sodas?
A)  Yes, again in moderation, as they contain sodium and in some cases caffeine.

Q)  I am going away overseas for five weeks, will I lose my membership!
A)  No, once you have joined "New Look" you are always a member, however as long as we are advised beforehand of any adsences there is no question of you losing your place in your group, but if we are not notified of any absence, after two weeks we will re-allocate the position in the group, and your card will go into our "Sleeping File".

Q)  My Husband wants to lose some weight, can he go on the programme too!
A)  Yes, but he will need the Mens Insert to go with the programme. men require a higher intake of certain food groups due to a totally different metabolism.

Q)  I am a Diabetic, is this programme suitable for me?
A)  We suggest you take the programme along to your Doctor for his / her opinion before you commence, but in general terms this programme is ideal for Diabetics. Occassionally the carbohydrate level needs to be increased, but this should be done on the advice of your Doctor.

Q)  Is this programme like Weight Watchers of Jenny Craig?
A)  NO>>> "New Look" is a New Zealand designed weight loss programme, we concentrate on the foods that we have readily available to us here, so you don't have to specialty shop. We hold small intimate meeting groups, and we show a new recipe each week. this programme is totally different to the others.

Q)  How much do I have to Lose?
A)  Well at "New Look" you set your own desired weight, we want you to get to a weight that YOU are going to feel comfortable at. We encourage our members to set small achievable goals, once you have achieved your first target, then you can reset it and carry on like that until YOU feel happy with where you are. We can give you guidelines if you don't have any idea, but we really prefer you to tell us what you would like to be and then we can help you get there.