The first New Look Clinic
was opened in April 1991

Today there are more than
15 New Look Clinics operating
around New Zealand.

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The New Look Healthy Eating Programme is a New Zealand designed weight loss programme. The concept of New Look is to be able to offer a healthy, simple, effective and affordable way for members to both lose weight and be re-educated in their eating habits to enable them to maintain the weight losses achieved.

The first New Look Clinic was launched publicly in April 1991 and grew rapidly over the next two years to over 400 members attending weekly meetings. The amazing successes achieved by members led to enquiries from members about New Look Clinics being opened in other areas. In 1993 New Look Clinic became a Limited Liability Company and commenced licenced operations in other parts of the country and there are currently in excess of 15 clinics operating nationwide.

The New Look Weight Loss programme was accredited by the Association of Weight Control Organisations of New Zealand in 1995. The programme was independently evaluated by three nutritional experts and complied with the A.W.C.O. Code of Practice.

Since 1995, the New Look Head Office has focused their energies on identifying added benefits for members, developing new programmes and licencing and training consultants throughout New Zealand. Full colour recipe books that support the New Look healthy eating programmes have been designed and published and are available at all New Look Clinics.

Detailed sales and marketing, product and consultants manuals have been developed. These manuals, plus regular newsletters from Head Office and an annual conference for all licensees, are vital tools in ensuring that a high standard of presentation and training is maintained throughout all New Look Clinics.